Saturday, April 30, 2016

Wedding | Safwan & Nazira | 13 Disember 2015

update yg tertingal ni dulu... :)

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Wedding | Safwan & Nazira 
Date | 13 Disember 2015
Location | Teluk Kumbar Penang
Photog | Shah Mosh​ at Cikant Photography​
Quotation | What App / Msg / Call 017.4123488 Wechat/ Instagram @cikant
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Friday, April 29, 2016

Solemnization | Safwan & Nazira | 11 Disember 2015


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Solemnization | Safwan & Nazira
Date | 11 Disember 2015
Location | Masjid Teluk Kumbar Penang
Photog | Shah Mosh at Cikant Photography
Quotation | What App / Msg / Call 017.4123488 Wechat/ Instagram @cikant
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